Mark Cuban – Selling Wands to the Bubble Blowers

Cuban owns part of “Unikrn” a sports betting platform. Hes going to launch an ICO (initial coin offering) around August.

This is the same guy that called bitcoin a bubble just a few weeks ago:

He thinks crypto is a bubble so then whats he doing? Offloading the company at peak crypto valuation? He put $7 million into this company a year ago. Just about anyone with just a whitepaper and a website can pull in 10’s of millions – so this seems like a pretty smart move on his part. Offload it on the suckers.

He’s been smart with timing in the past. In the 90’s with a few of his tech startups, selling to Yahoo for over $5 billion.  I don’t think the Unikoin ICO will fetch $5 billion but its a beautiful way to generate some cash.

Good for him. And if you buy into the ICO and it doesn’t go well…you can’t say he didn’t warn you.

The Unikoin Gold whitepaper is here.

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